Submittable’s Guide for Reviewers

Have you been added as a reviewer to a team using Submittable? This Review Guide will spell out everything that you need to know.


You Shall (Not) Pass: Introducing Eligibility Screening

Submittable’s eligibility screening step is a new feature that allows grantmakers to screen applicants based on their nonprofit status, with real time data.


Team Review Just Got Easier: Introducing Our New Groups Feature

Submittable has introduced a new tool to facilitate group assignments, so you can assign multiple team members to one or more submissions at once.


Introducing Collaboration for Collective Applications

Announcing Submittable’s new feature that allows applicants to collaborate together on collective applications, in real time.


Introducing Internal Forms: A New Feature to Supplement Submissions

Internal Forms is a new feature that you can use to supplement submissions, guide reviewers, and add summaries that are easily viewable to your team.


Introducing Advanced Reporting: A New Feature to Make your Data More Actionable

Advanced Reporting is a new feature that you can use to run reports, identify insights and trends, and visualize your impact.


Using Submission Management Software for Surveys

Using submission management software for surveys will keep all your data in one place for easy management and organization.

News & Updates

Announcing Our New (and Improved!) Form Engine

We’re proud to announce our new and improved form engine, with an improved design, exciting new features, and better capacity.